For the love of fighting-Story of a kid with a dream

Many children have a dream to become something when they grow up. Some got pushed by parents to become lawyers, some doctors, but there is always that one kid in a group with different wishes.

Bullying then, bullying now. Some things change, but some things never change as 2Pac said. That “happening” is what marked me for life from very young age. As soon as elementary school started I knew, but somehow other children knew too that I do not fit with them. I was very short and skinny, goofy looking kid. I was always on the side, shy one. You know those friend groups who walk on a sidewalk and there is always that one who is left hanging and has to walk behind them, you know that, am I right? Well I was that one fella my whole life. Always had that one wild side by me, always ruckus around me because I tried to fit in but again I failed, and yet somehow never knew how to stand up for myself, how to defend. Every school-day of any school year I got punched, kicked, dragged by ear, got my things tossed around etc. There was only one guy who stood by me always, and that is the guy that will become my best men next year when i am getting married by beautiful lady.

Every day I came home with bruises, in tears. Wild and desperate for change, but that had to wait, until high school came. I wished that at least i had a punching bag, but lucky for you i found great one for fairly low price and it is even on Amazon. Check it out, just press here!

I prayed so hard, that high school will bring change to my life, but at the beginning, things continued, tormenting proceeded. I was desperate, asking myself if it is me that is the problem, wanted to jump out of my skin, but deep within, I was a fighter but that part of me was locked character, my game has just started.

As you can read in my about section, I always loved martial arts. My father trained Karate, brother Thai Boxing, and mom trained the hardest, so she can beat the life out of all three of us. And as you can tell, I come from heck of a family..oh yeah by the way, my now wife to be is about to become BJJ brown belt.

Every morning I watched with my father all kinds of fights, it did not matter, I loved it. Especially one fighter, and that is Jerome Le Banner crazy aggressive all out type of fighter. And all of that is what planted the seed for me as Joey Diaz says. I began to stood for myself around the age of 14, it simply clicked for me, it was inexplicable.

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I could not take it anymore, I simply went to local boxing gym to sign up, and at that time I did not know that it is Boxing Club Leonardo, Croatian best boxing gym, who now produced fighters like Filip Hrgovic, Hrvoje Sep etc. I was there for three years, and in that time one guy shaped me as the person that I am today. Entoni Juric, my savior, taught me how to look at the world, essentials of life, how to stand firm on ground and for myself. High school then became joy, because I earned respect just for training boxing. It was not always easy, there were always attempts of bullying but now I knew how to act, how to defend.

Love for our magnificent sport rose day by day, by day. I started to read books about it, learn deep into it. And that is the only thing that pulled me off from depression and to end it all. Love for this sport was and still is immeasurable for me, and I always wanted to have life of this sport, because it gave me life back. Due to shoulder injury I pulled out of the sport. Years have passed, I did not train martial art, but I indeed trained my mind for martial art. Now at 25 years of age, I am trying hard to make it somehow in the world of martial arts, and this is why I am here right now, and pouring my soul into this article, because this is only thing that is left for me to do, and that is to share my love for this sport with all of you in this way. For this sport that taught me how to stand for myself, I am now fighting for myself, my future and future of my family. For the love of this sport!

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Mario, up and coming sport news writer and journalist from Croatia, with focus on sport of Martial Arts.

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