Fighting in the dark

There is nothing tougher than trying to succeed, while having no one to have your back. For lucky ones, those changes come with time but for others, they have to learn how to fight for themselves.

I got to learn hard way meaning of life, as I said in my previous post here. For me it was boxing that took shape of grace, for you others that can’t find a way out from whatever is bothering you may be something else but when I tell you, hitting heavy bag, getting into ring and knocking your own demons out, that is something else.

With this sport, any martial art, you are not alone. Martial arts promote best of you, while it shatters everything that causes pain & confusion. It shapes You as the person that is best version of you. For me, essential was good punching bag as a stress relief and also practice and i found this one for a fairly low price AND it is from Amazon, check it out, just press here!

With this and my previous post, I try to inspire everyone to take chance, some even gamble to fight for themselves. Believe me, it is worth it, how do you know that deep within you doesn’t hide Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, Mirko CroCop Filipović of MMA. Tyson Fury, Floyd Mayweather, Joe Louis of boxing. Rico Verhoeven, Badr Hari, Peter Aerts of kickboxing? If not that, maybe an actor like Jean-Claude Van Damme, Scott Adkins and Michael Jay White or even successful journalist what i am trying to accomplish like Ariel Helwani, Luke Thomas. Maybe reporter like Megan Olivi? With this sport, sky is the limit, at least try to reach it.

I did that, done that. Improved my life thanks to boxing, but i have to continue in different direction as a sport journalist and with that I hope good one. This is my story! What is yours?

Let’s Go!

Published by Mario

Mario, up and coming sport news writer and journalist from Croatia, with focus on sport of Martial Arts.

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