That day is near..

Finally, after long last, UFC is back. It took many ups and downs due to Covid-19 issue. We were few days ’till beginning of event, we had talks about fight island, which we still have. But all of it aside, it is finally here.

It is here with a BANG. Card is so good that even fight like ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone vs Pettis is on prelims, and Luque vs Price on early prelims. Those are fights that could headline any fight night card.

I am very much against the placement of a fight with Greg Hardy and Yorgan de Castro, if you ask me that fight should be on early prelims because why not? That fights placement on main card is direct slap on Cerrone v Pettis fight, as well as Oleinik v Werdum, Waterson v Esparza, Hall v Souza and Luque v Price fights. But who am I to judge decision of Dana White.

But all things aside, IT IS FIGHT WEEK!

Published by Mario

Mario, up and coming sport news writer and journalist from Croatia, with focus on sport of Martial Arts.

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