Throwing the towel?

To throw a towel mid fight means to save your fighter from unnecessary damage if he can’t turn fight around and win it!

But where is it? Is it gone, do corner man still care for their fighters? Because in few last fights, we didn’t catch a single sight of throwing in the towel. Why is it so?

We last saw it in boxing when Deontay Wilder was in no shape or form anymore to deliver the fight to Tyson Fury, his corner reacted according to it and literally saved their fighter from serious damage. But why is it so rare nowadays for corner to throw in the towel?

Answer might be in one lucky punch. As we seen in yesterdays Glover Teixeira bout against Anthony Smith. Glover was dominant, caught Smith with almost everything, dodged and parried well, while Smith as minutes progressed got more exhausted and injured, but even so, every now and then he tried and few times even did land hard punch while he was still rocked. That may be the reason his corner did not react accordingly, because ‘Lionheart’ Smith is just too tough for his own good.

They hoped that he could turn the bout around with one clean shot, what happened many times in MMA, take Kongo-Barry as example, but this wasn’t the case right now. Could they act better? Yes! Did they have to throw in the towel? Definitely! Was Smith still in the fight? Absolutely not!

Please, save your fighters from unnecessary damage, if he is seriously hurt or exhausted, even worse, if he is both, please throw in the towel. Because these guys might be warriors, but they all got families and friends, they have proven the point that they are tough, it is your turn as corner man to do smart move and help your fighter, so he can safely have another fight or even more important, another day.

Published by Mario

Mario, up and coming sport news writer and journalist from Croatia, with focus on sport of Martial Arts.

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