It’s a hard knock life

Dealing with lot of thoughts can get you lost, in a kind of loop. One day you got everything under control, next day everything fades.

This blog is mainly for writing fight related articles, but here and there it can go for a broader audience as you can read here and here.

One of the most enjoyable things you are doing in which you are trying to succeed in life, can be the hardest, no matter how much you enjoy it. But that is life. You got to push through.

It is hard to work 9-5, working hard to provide for your family, doing job most are trying to avoid but at the same time, before or after work, getting into mindset to do something you love with very little time on your hands, to run away from current life situation by doing what you love, so you can succeed and provide those you love. It is so hard doing two jobs, from which one pays almost minimal paycheck while other one pays zero. Don’t let me talk about rent taking almost 60% of paycheck. How can one live normal life, how can one enjoy his life when you have to work to survive, when few people relay on you. It’s nothing harder than seeing on social media children and teenagers showing of their expensive cars, watches and at the same time few of them try to act as good Samaritans by pushing their expensive phones or cameras into homeless persons face to give them money. Do it for person in need, and not to fuel own ego. Biggest fear is the next day. Because next day you can end up as homeless person, and be in his place.

There is so much money in world, so many possibilities yet so many poor and in need of help people.

Worst thing to hear is ” World financial crisis”. How does that even happen, money goes from person to person, country to country, continent to continent. So how can there be world financial crisis? I understand crisis within a country, but in the world? How? Where does money go when it’s world financial crisis, if it’s still on this planet.

Some have luck in financial aspect of life, some have to work less, some are smart, and some have to work hard. And some, no matter how much they work, can’t catch a break, or light at the end of a tunnel.

Still hoping for arrival of better days, still working hard to provide and survive. Still doing my best to succeed, better times will come, sooner or later. It’s a hard knock life.

Published by Mario

Mario, up and coming sport news writer and journalist from Croatia, with focus on sport of Martial Arts.

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