Money game

Jon “Bones” Jones, is currently one of highest paid and most prized fighters within UFC roster, but he still demands bigger payments, but why? Did he not earn enough, is he still not earning enough?

In a world of fighting, pretty much everything is surrounded by money needs, and big amount of earned money doesn’t go directly to fighters. But if you drive multiple expensive vehicles, live in a huge mansion, than that is indicator that you are wealthy and that you have good salary.

I for instance, think that football/soccer players earn way too much, i mean just take a look at earnings of players like Messy, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, just to name a few big earners. While modern day gladiators, fighters that is, in worlds biggest organisation, earn as little as 10000$ per fight. When they pay everything they need, with what amount are they left? And I don’t think that football players are having it easy with training’s, preparations etc. but fighters are having it way more difficult, and yet they are payed that little, except lucky few that earn decent amount.

In a world of financial crisis, what for does Roger Federer that plays tennis need to have $6.3M salary ($106.3M earnings), what for does Cristiano Ronaldo that plays football need to have $60M salary ($105M earnings), what for does LeBron James that plays basketball need to have $28.2M salary ($88.2M earnings), what for does Tiger Woods that plays Golf need to have $2.3M salary ($62.3M earnings)?

Taking into consideration everything i said above, aforementioned Jon Jones, UFC P4P #1, Light Heavyweight champion, future inductee into hall of fame, and one of the biggest earners in MMA, has earned $7.2, that is also huge number, but if I was Jon, I would be furious too taking into consideration that biggest Golf player for example has almost $60M more earned. In a sport that is way less risky, that demands way less physical strain, that takes away way less sweat, tears and blood, but gives way bigger payment, I would be angry too. So yeah, Jon “Bones” Jones, you do deserve more, because there obviously is a lot of money in this world, despite the crisis!

Published by Mario

Mario, up and coming sport news writer and journalist from Croatia, with focus on sport of Martial Arts.

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