Making U-Turn

And I am back. In this world without any originality, I became an victim of orders to copy/paste articles from different publishers. And so it happens, I took future in my own hands once again, went different way, I am once again, an blogger. But it is not that bad at all, I finally getContinue reading “Making U-Turn”

Taking a pause

Hello to all my followers, and those about to become! I have reached an agreement to write for one of Croatian biggest and most influential portals on combat sports. I am moving my focus from Fight-Round onto , so everybody can check out my content over there. Here and there i will post someContinue reading “Taking a pause”

Money game

Jon “Bones” Jones, is currently one of highest paid and most prized fighters within UFC roster, but he still demands bigger payments, but why? Did he not earn enough, is he still not earning enough? In a world of fighting, pretty much everything is surrounded by money needs, and big amount of earned money doesn’tContinue reading “Money game”

Pride days

In this time of trash-talking, acting all macho and bravado, without slightest amount of respect towards opponent, very few stand out with direct opposites from everything mentioned above. As if they came from Pride days. There were always “bad” guys, and there always will be, but back in the day, 90% of fighters stood theirContinue reading “Pride days”

It’s a hard knock life

Dealing with lot of thoughts can get you lost, in a kind of loop. One day you got everything under control, next day everything fades. This blog is mainly for writing fight related articles, but here and there it can go for a broader audience as you can read here and here. One of theContinue reading “It’s a hard knock life”

Throwing the towel?

To throw a towel mid fight means to save your fighter from unnecessary damage if he can’t turn fight around and win it! But where is it? Is it gone, do corner man still care for their fighters? Because in few last fights, we didn’t catch a single sight of throwing in the towel. WhyContinue reading “Throwing the towel?”

THEY CALLED HIM “EXPERIMENT”: He is the strongest human being who ever lived

Opponents, weighing up to 150 kilograms, were terribly afraid of him, so much so that no one wanted to enter the ring with him. In fact, no one wanted to be around him either. Because, those eyes, that cold, steely look … Everyone who would see them once had already lost the match. And partContinue reading “THEY CALLED HIM “EXPERIMENT”: He is the strongest human being who ever lived”

Why fighting?

Why is fighting still active, why it didn’t disappear from the days of old gladiators? Because life is one big fight! Some get into martial arts to be professional fighters because they have talent, some because it is only option for them to feed their families, some do it because they love it. But everyContinue reading “Why fighting?”

All we have is now

Motivation is biggest and single most important part of being human. Motivation drives us, sets new goals, finds road ahead. Without motivation, we are just the seed, and with motivation we grow into beautiful plants because it pushes us forward, towards being better version of ourselves, complete version. There are all kinds of motives thatContinue reading “All we have is now”

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