Pride days

In this time of trash-talking, acting all macho and bravado, without slightest amount of respect towards opponent, very few stand out with direct opposites from everything mentioned above. As if they came from Pride days. There were always “bad” guys, and there always will be, but back in the day, 90% of fighters stood theirContinue reading “Pride days”

Where does UFC Heavyweight division go from now on?

With Stipe Miocic as champion who doesn’t want to date his rematch currently with Daniel Cormier, to Ngannou waiting for his second shot at title and Jon Jones looking to move to heavyweight. Where do we go from now on? Is Stipe putting division on hold? ‘DC’ and Ngannou are waiting to grab the title,Continue reading “Where does UFC Heavyweight division go from now on?”

Fighters motivated with Anime in MMA

Anime is broadcasting for a very long time. We all have heard about Dragon Ball Z, Naruto etc. but in last few years there has been surge of fighters that take inspiration out of it. Why is that so? Probably biggest names in this time of writing are obviously current UFC middleweight Champion Israel AdesanyaContinue reading “Fighters motivated with Anime in MMA”