Mike Tyson, still has something to give?

As everybody saw, ‘Iron Mike’ is still hitting pads like he has yet to reach his prime, but is he?

For those who don’t know what i am talking about, you can check it out here!

Sure, he still has got the power and speed, but few punches are the only thing we have seen. Does he gas, can he endure every round, what about his chin? I love Mike Tyson, don’t get me wrong, guy is something special. He is a fighter everyone looks upon as an idol, fighter everyone wishes to become. But his prime is far behind him! He definitely has great chance inside four rounds to prove his worth in the ring despite his age, we should not take him lightly. He sure can defeat many fighters today, journey mans, but i don’t think he can do much with current top fighters.

Does anyone believe he can rival up and coming Filip Hrgović, Daniel Dubois or already proven Joseph Parker, Luis Ortiz, let alone current three heavyweight Gods that are Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder.

I love his reason for returning to boxing, and I can’t wait to look at this God of heavyweight boxing once again. But I hope he takes his return on a safe road. George Foreman did return and he indeed won his belt back in the age of 45, but that is still eight years younger, and he didn’t take such a long time off from the boxing. That is all we have to take into consideration.

I still believe, that from current top flight fighters, Iron Mike can take out good number of them, if he manages to knock them out before fourth round. He still has good chance against the fighters like Tom Schwarz, Charles Martin and even Dereck Chisora if he plays it smart and he doesn’t gas out.

There is big hope in my heart that he comes, proves his worth, and gets to face against current three Heavyweight kings, surprises and shakes the world with his comeback which no one thought would ever happen. Welcome back Mike!

Published by Mario

Mario, up and coming sport news writer and journalist from Croatia, with focus on sport of Martial Arts.

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